Hot wine in Paris

It is official. Autumn is upon us, and as always I get a crazy craving to spend it in Paris.

What can possibly beat the feel of Paris once the leaves start falling, the tourists start leaving and the temperatures start dropping?  My favourite Paris illusion is seeing scarf clad Parisians scurry by as I order a nice, potent ‘vin chaud’ and watch the world go by from my sidewalk cafe of choice. A few droodles on my notebook, a hasty conversation with the waitor in broken French and a whole lot of people watching. I could sit like this day in and day out. At least as long as autumn casts its generous glow over the Haussmannian architecture and the fluid beauty of the Seine.

From top left:

My potent vin chaud in Bar Le Progrés (rue de Bretagne, Marais)

That Tower from a distance. From Bridge Alexandre III to be precise.

Autumn means that summer wines go on sale!

Golden hues adding magic to the Seine.

Cyclist on Place Dauphine (Ile de la Cité).

Take away crêpe the way ‘Crêperie Suzette’ intended them (rue Francs Bourgeouis, Marais)

A forgotten about sign in the Marché des Enfants Rouges.

And finally – the prototypical Paris couple indulging in a mid-day romance (Place Dauphine).

No wonder I am missing Paris these days…

4 comments on “Hot wine in Paris

  1. I totally love hot wine! I’m from Germany and what I miss quite a bit are the reallo cold days/nights before Christmas when you can head to a Christmas market and drink Gluehwein (hot wine) to warm you up. I have the mix here in Texas with me, but it rarely is cold enough to drink hot wine 🙂 And people don’t get that it’s supposed to be had outside!

    • Wow, never heard of this one before Sabrina! I thought the watermelon saturated with vodka that we do here in Spain was a true recipy to get plastered. Now I see that you have an even more creative way:)

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