Featured image 9 – Sahara gossip

Hot gossip – We had stayed in the desert town of Merzouga for five nights, and just when we were about to depart we drove past these guys. The temperatures were nearing 40 degrees C, and they were seeking refuge in the shade. We made a hurried u-turn on the improvised, pebbly road. Camera in hand, my husband sign languaged their permission to take their picture. Women photographers are quite simply not taken seriously in Muslim Morocco. At least, asking for a photograph is not a straight forward affair if you’re a woman.

The men nodded hesitantly, not understanding why they made a wonderful subject matter. We knew instinctively this had to be a fast shoot as we didn’t want the men to realise we wanted to incorporate the all American sign behind them in the photo. It’s one of those unposed moments that continues to give us the buzz that travel photography holds.


One comment on “Featured image 9 – Sahara gossip

  1. I love that picture! Coke is so new world and the guys on front of it represent something so old world to me 🙂 And they’re probably laughing because they think it’s funny that you wanted a picture. Very cool!

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