From Syden with love

We have the strangest concept in Norway. It’s called ‘Syden’, and basically refers to all places offering the wholy trinity of Sun+Beach+Bar. Preferably in unlimited amounts.

San Francisco on tap... just the way we like it in 'syden'.

Loosely translated Syden means South, and geographically speaking it can be Greece, Mallorca or the Canary Islands. Even Thailand seems to count as Syden these days… The concept tends to include a charter flight, an all inclusive meal plan and a kiddies club.

Disco for kids is as 'syden' as it gets.

I don’t know why, but this weird concept fascinates me. I have been on several trips to ‘Syden’ as a kid, and whereas I thought I was discovering the world, little did I know that I didn’t actually see Mallorca all those years ago. Or Crete, or Gran Canaria. I was simply placed in a holiday atmosphere in order to soak up sunshine with a passion that only summer deprived Scandinavians can relate to.


Taurito valley beach. Sunshine guaranteed.

Three small surfer souls enjoy the Atlantic waves.

Recently I travelled to Gran Canaria to write a piece about a child friendly hotel in the Taurito Valley. And to be quite honest, I was shocked to be back on ‘Syden’ turf. There was cocktail on tap. There was sizzling skin. There was a dining hall which echoed and transformed every single child’s cry into daggers aimed at my ear drums. But nevermind. One doesn’t go to Syden to enjoy the silence. One goes there to come back with a tan and to be able to tell everybody about the endless hours spent by the pool.

This is what Syden is all about @ Taurito Paradise Lago Hotel.



10 comments on “From Syden with love

  1. Then I must count myself lucky that I have not had to endure Syden.

    Perhaps we see though that everywhere is on a sliding scale of ‘Syden-ness’ and that escaping it is a subtle exercise.

  2. Syden is very interesting. I am pretty sure for Yankees in America it is called spring break.

    I think we all like to escape to a little sunshine once in a while.

    The little boy dancing is too adorable.

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  4. I was just browsing the internet for photos on this resort and came across your comments. I’m not a resort person but my husband’s family is going for one week this November (my birthday) and I really like his family so I’m going too. I am more of an adventure seeker, not a pool lounger. But, alas, this is what life is sometimes. Thanks for the reality post.

    • Hi Katie, yep, such is life sometimes. Hope you don’t get too saturated with the resort syndrome, and that you can go off on one of your adventures some time soon! Thanks for stopping by photito.

    • Thanks for your recommendation. This is just down the road from us, so will definitely check it out! Our summer favourite chiringuito is ‘Bahia Limon’ where they do a mean mojito and plenty of great, live gigs in the summer.


  5. Syden is such a lovely concept, we all at one point want to go! It is important for children to get to go on holiday, and these syden style holidays sound great because they have that child friendly aspect which is important for parents when they want to take their children on holiday.

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