Secret Palma – Santa Catalina

Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca. Santa Catalina!

Our favorite corner of Palma is where you’ll rub shoulders with local fishermen and crooked señoras. It’s a tiny district called Santa Catalina just west of the city center. Why do I like it so much?







Hardly any tourists – My Manfrotto and I are the only foreigners around

“Duke” – a restaurant owned and run by very cool surfers. Try their fresh tuna steaks and go to heaven! It’s located around the corner of C/Fabrica on C/Soler.

Duke is by far one of Palma's best places to hang out and enjoy great Asian inspired food

Santa Catalina has the best views of Palma and the cathedral!







Night life to die for!!

My favourites are “Idem” which is a lover’s paradise with plush, deep red velvety sofas, erotic art on the walls and dim lights (Calle Sant Magi 15) and “Exit Rock Bar” because it’s the kind of laid back place every city needs.









Small town feel filled with locals carrying their beach towels under the arm on their way to the beach. Along their way they’re sure to bump into someone they know, so they sit down at one of the many bars in the area and have a drink instead. How very mañanaish!

In fact, Santa Catalina is so nice and different from the rest of Palma, that you may just consider staying the night! Check out these two apartments from i-escape.

So, as you may have gathered, we really like Mallorca… However, not all aspects. We jumped on a bus to Magaluf to find out what the hype was about, and this is what we discovered. MAGALUF… SHAGALUF… STAGALUF


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