Meet the people

What would travelling be if it hadn’t been for the people we meet along the way? Indeed, what would life be like if we didn’t stumble upon great characters who made us think outside ‘the box’?

Here at Photito, we are continuously grateful to the people who cross and enrich our paths. Some put a smile on our face, some teach us valuable lessons, some are great company for an hour’s bus ride or a five day trek along the Mekong. We believe you know who you are. Now it’s time to introduce you to our readers!

We want to honour those of you who have shared your stories with us, so today we are launching our brand new category called Meeting the People. Head over to our website dedicated to spectacular travel photography, and have a peep behind the scenes. We are proud to present Francisco and the Lopez Sisters.

Find out why Francisco leads a vagabond's life with a gym bag on his head.


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