Featured image 14 – Cause I’m a gypsy

This is Antonio. He’s the head of a Spanish gypsy family leading a semi-nomadic life. We met him one Christmas in the Nature Reserve of Cazorla, deep in the Andalucian olive groves. Him and his family move from place to place depending on where there is work to be found. In Antonio’s case, this means that they move around Spain according to the crops that are ripe for harvesting.

Christmas time is olive time. We happened to be spending our Christmas in the same little village as Antonio and his huge gypsy family. When they found out it was only the three of us (my husband, our son and I) they found it very sad that we were going to spend Christmas ‘on our own’, so they invited us over for a true gypsy party. It lasted into the early hours of Boxing Day, there was music, there was dancing, there was flamenco singing, there were prawns, crabs and Spanish ham on the table, and there was that rough and ready atmosphere that I love about the gypsies. When you’re with them, you forget that there’s a tomorrow coming. Their ability to live right here, right now is a wonderfully contagious one!




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