Three things I like to do in Madrid

I seem to be surrounded by people praising Barcelona these days. Whether they go on and on about the food, the atmosphere, or the wonderfully talented Mr Messi, I have to admit that I am sick and tired about the hype by now. Barcelona is cool, I know. But let’s hear it for Madrid. Because she is far cooler!

On any given time of the year, I would LOVE to be at any one of these fabulous Madrid addresses. Barcelona eat your heart out…

1. Bargain hunting in the vintage shops in the Malasaña district

Lottas Vintage where the stunning Ms Lotta shares her Swedish sense of fashion with her customers. Her shop is located in Calle Hernán Cortes 9 .

Damas y Espejos where you can hunt for that vintage perfect dress, or pick up one of their unique designs. Either way, you will not leave the shop empty handed!  Address: Calle Manuela Malasaña 29

Corachón y Delgado is the creme de la creme of vintage shopping. Think exclusive Chanel designs from an era past, old fashioned swim suits like the ones you’ll only see in black and white photographs and accessories that scream elegance and good taste. Address: Calle del Barco 42

2. The wonderful world of tapas

Whether it’s a typical fried squid sandwich (like the one in the photo) that you can grab from any of the bars in the Plaza Mayor, or a more elaborate dish you’re after, Madrid will not disappoint! One of my favourite streets for an evening of walking from bar to bar indulging in delicious little mouthfuls of food is Cava Baja. ‘Casa Lucas’ at number 30 serves up innovative dishes, and ‘Tempranillo’ at number 38 insists on only serving Spanish wine. Both are good places to set out on your very own Tapas Route.

3. Mercado de San Miguel

If the idea of a market leads you to think of smelly fish and chaotic haggling, then think again. The trendy San Miguel Market right behind Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is a re vamped version of a traditional food market where top quality products are priority Numero Uno.

Here you can come to enjoy bacalao, oysters or a chilled glass of cava. Or how about getting your hands on some recipe books which will ensure you’ll cook your paella to perfection next time? The market has typical Spanish opening hours, and I honestly can’t think of a better place to grab a late night snack!

Mon – Tues – Wed – Sun: 10am – midnight

Thurs – Fri – Sat: 10am – 2am


Need a haircut in Madrid? Visit ‘La Baraque’ where Laetitia even lets you have a beer whilst she cuts your hair! Here’s our post on Madrid’s (possibly Spain’s) funkiest hairdresser.


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