Blogsherpas do it for free!

Travelicious news everyone!

Today is a special day. It’s the launch date for our brand new (and totally free!) Blogsherpa E-book.

– What is a blogsherpa? I hear you say… Well, a blogsherpa is yours truly, as well as all of our fellow bloggers who have been selected by Lonely Planet to contribute to their online community. In short, our blogs get displayed on the LP website under their corresponding destination.

There are about five hundred Blogsherpas in total. Our blog Photito got accepted over a year ago, and we have enjoyed both increased readership to our blog, as well as feeling the buzz created by a community of dedicated travel bloggers.

What an inspiration they have been! And what fun we’ve had putting our brains together and creating this free e-book where we share our travel stories, tips and experiences with the world (you!). I tell you – we’ve easily exchanged hundreds of emails over the last six months in the build up to this special day.

Todd Wassel from Todd’s Wanderings deserves a special mention, being our beyond belief patient project manager. He has more than ten years under his belt as a professional traveller and conflict resolution expert. Erin Ridley from La Tortuga Viajera can not go unnoticed either  –  she has shown great expertise in the advertising department.

So bring on the fanfares – TODAY, on the 3rd of May, we are proud to present the result of our efforts, and welcome you to download the e-book for free. All you have to do is subscribe to photito’s blog, and we’ll provide you with the link. By subscribing to our blog, you’ll receive an email every time a new post is published. (No worries – I won’t clog up your inbox, we’re talking one post per week at the most.)

By the way – below is a sneak peak of one of our pages in the book. Some of our regular readers may recognize a place or two!


3 comments on “Blogsherpas do it for free!

  1. Of course I want that book! 😀

    I got an e-mail from LP earlier today about it as well. I wanted to be a blogsherpa, but they closed the recruitment before I got my act together and had an English page up and going.

    But now I’m looking forward to read more from the sherpas. Perhaps I’ll find some new, nice blogs to follow.

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