beach babe – featured image 14

Heaven on Earth... If such a place exists I place my bet on the Nature Reserve called Cabo de Gata on the South-Easternmost tip of mainland Spain. Not only is it full of secluded coves and beaches, it is also a place which is totally laid back. No high rise hotels, and no sun beds for rent. Entirely my cup of tea!



8 comments on “beach babe – featured image 14

  1. Hi, saw your blog on Lonely Planet and noticed that you report on Tarifa and Cabo de Gata – wondered which you would recommend for a couple of a week’s break? Lounging and good food is a priority! Or perhaps you recommend somewhere else completely?

  2. Hi Olivia – It depends a bit on what time of year you are going. Cabo de Gata is more secluded than Tarifa, both in terms of tourists and winds. Tarifa has a livelier night life, more restaurants and bars to choose from and a sportier edge to it. Cabo de Gata is a place where you hike around to discover different, tiny villages and enjoy the warm and crystal clear waters of the Med. Tarifa is by the Atlantic, so waters are cooler.

    Both are places I treasure dearly. Drop me a line if you have any specific questions. Vibeke

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