Love the advert, Sagres Hotel Memmo Baleeira

Sometimes the travel industry coughs up new ways to seduce us.  Most of the time they fall back on the same old tactics, like slogans – think ‘Malaysia truly Asia’ – designed to stick in our travel conscious minds.

So when you stumble across something different, it sort of wakes me up and makes me think that it may very well be a place worth visiting. This is what happened when I was doing research for an article about the Algarve. I wanted to pick a great hotel in Sagres, and was overwhelmed when I came across the MEMMO BALEEIRA HOTEL.

I know Sagres, and this hotel has hit the nail on the head. Their promotional video is more about the pulse of the place, and less about the type of duvet covers used. It almost has a documentary feel to it, and what can I say – it makes me wanna go there! It even makes me want to put flippers and scuba tanks on and submerge myself in the wild Atlantic waves… and that says a lot, because I can’t even pick up the guts to go snorkeling without a wet suit on!

I just wanted to share this with you all. Director Daniel Warwick has just gained a new fan, and I can only hope that this is a trend within the world of travel advertising.

Check out the advert and if you fancy a glimpse behind the scenes, and don’t miss the director’s impressive philosophy.



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