Thai massage for kids

One of the best things about travelling in South East Asia is no doubt the possibility of having frequent massages!

For as little as 5 pounds you get an hours thai massage, so it’s a good time to invest in your own well being. However, sometimes a thai massage can be a borderline experience between pain and pleasure. The thai ladies don’t look it, but they have the strength of a tiger.

Much to our surprise, the kids picked up the courage to have a massage in northern Thailand. In the city of Nong Khai we had regular back massages and foot massages, and on the last day, our son aged 8 decided to join in. Once our 5 year old daughter realised there was nothing spooky about it, she asked for one too.  The cost? Well, the girls at the massage place had such a giggle with the kids, so they didn’t even charge them.


2 comments on “Thai massage for kids

  1. I have seen quite a few kids get Thai Massage in Thailand. Once they get one, they seem to like it. And the therapists definitely tone down their “borderline painful style” when they work on the little ones.

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