Sweet dreams Spanish style – 2

Family Siesta…

is the kind of place where you know you will chill. To cut a long story short, it’s a wonderful finca set in an old avocado grove in the hills overlooking Fuengirola.

Family friendly doesn't come any friendlier than this!

Family Siesta has four rental apartments. They’ve all got their own terrace and cooking facilities. In other words, you’ve got the privacy of your own place as well as being able to share the outdoor area with other holiday guests. Personally I think the best thing about Family Siesta is that their apartments are spacious enough to accommodate families wishing to have fun together.

The hosts Mona and Jerry have three kids of their own. This means the place is packed with family friendliness. Toys can be borrowed, there’s a trampoline, swings and plenty of tolerance. And should you need some advice on activities in the area, Mona is a great source of information. Two of the things she will not fail to tell you  about is the wonderful and very reasonable restaurant called “Mezzanotte” along the Fuengirola beach front.

Mona is a regular herself, because as she says: “Their shawarma pizza is addictive!”

Mezzanotte - a favorite among locals.

A day trip she is fond of herself is to Tarifa. It’s an hour and a half by car towards the Atlantic, and wow – once you’ve tasted the Tarifa magic, you will want to return for more…

A day trip to Tarifa is something that goes down well with both young and old explorers.

Finally, I believe we have saved the best for last when it comes to Family Siesta. Their prices are highly competitive! For a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment the price is £350 + £100 for the final clean out.

Check out availability, prices and more information about the four apartments on www.familysiesta.no

If you want more suggestions on unique places to spend your holidays in Spain, check out this quaint little shepard’s cottage in Gaucin.


3 comments on “Sweet dreams Spanish style – 2

  1. Hi Jason,
    Family Siesta is just one of those places.. no wonder most of their guests return year after year.. Thanks for your comment, and I hope the sun will be back real soon to warm you up! Merry Christmas!

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