Featured image 10 – circus girl

This summer Zirkus Berlin visited our little village. We went there to catch a glimpse of a life that has always fascinated us.

The girl in the picture is Jessica. She’s ten years old and has been born into a life in the circus. Her act is with the hoola hoops, and when she’s

not practicing or performing, she attends school classes with the teacher who travels with the troop.


We ended up spending three evenings back stage with the circus, and will forever be grateful for the door they opened for us.

They told us about the hardships they encounter, of the endless bureaucracy they face when they go somewhere new to pitch up the tent.

It is no longer a vagabond, romantic way of life, but one which entails hard work and a passion so strong that it surpasses everything else.

Meanwhile we can’t wait to see Jessica next year when she and her family come back to that river bank near us…


2 comments on “Featured image 10 – circus girl

  1. Hi guys,
    I really like this picture…the darkness around the edges…her pose…her glance…and the patch of blue sky. It’s almost as if she is reaching for something, maybe through the patch of blue sky. Just beautiful.

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