Venice – the beauty of everyday life

Venice is different from the rest of the world in every shape and form. After all it’s a city built on an archipelago consisting of hundred and seventeen islands connected by four hundred and nine bridges. Together they form the sinking gem that attracts around three million tourists every year.

The Vaporetto certainly adds magic to the rush hour!

Basta with the numbers. Because Venice certainly isn’t about maths. She’s about art and passion, and of course about the everyday lives of the roughly three hundred thousand inhabitants. ( Ooops, did it again). In my eyes, everyday life in Venice is as beautiful as it possibly gets!

People have adopted a way of coping with the ever present water ways which means that they all own a pair of hard core, waist high wellington boots. They all know what it means when the tidal alarm sounds, and the ultimate act of chivalry for a Venetian man is to carry his girl friend on his back to ensure that she gets back home with dry feet…. Mamma mia, how sweet!

Like it or not, Venice is watery


Below is a photo documentary of how the Venetians go about their daily lives.

The Rialto bridge is beautiful, but for some it's just another cold and hostile place to beg for coins.

Every winter the sinking city is inundated. People are more than accustomed to walking 'the planks'.

Venice is a place with very few open spaces, so the public squares are popular amongst families who want to kick a ball and ride a bike.

The canals may be stunningly beautiful, but they are also home to many rats. So the Venetians hang their rubbish out of their windows for the rubbish collector.


Fancy another dose of Venice? Did you know that the only square that can be called a Piazza is the famous Piazza San Marco? The rest are called campi, and we’ve discovered the best here:


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3 comments on “Venice – the beauty of everyday life

    • Hi Mukaba, the campi were a nice surprise for me as well. I am under the impression that this is where you can do your best people watching in Venice. Thanks for stopping by!

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