Agua pura

Morning glory. The flow of warm water slowly wakes me up, the steam it creates penetrates my pores. The temptation of spending an extra couple of minutes in the shower whilst my senses come alive is an easy one to give in to.

I go downstairs and make my cup of tea, filling the kettle with clean water is something I take for granted.

fancy a drink? ehm, no thanks

Meanwhile, millions of women and their children walk more than 14 miles just to get water for their families. Most of this water is contaminated, but it’s the only water they have. They take the chance of catching diseases like bilharzia and schistosomiasis (parasites) – with every sip. There’s nothing they can do to change it.

Maybe we can. I’ve come to realize that the thoughts I send to Africa AS I indulge in my daily shower (I do. Promise) are good for nothing. My sympathy simply doesn’t do the job. It’s time for action and money. And I am happy to say that I’ve taken my first little step towards making a change.

David Hogg over at got me inspired. He is participating in a charity for clean water for children.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT – Just $20 can give one person clean drinking water for the next 20 years!



4 comments on “Agua pura

  1. Really does make you grateful for the water we have at home. Thanks for sharing with us the realities of other parts of the world.

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