Back at the circus

By popular demand… Since our previous post about the small, travelling circus called Zirkus Berlin proved such a hit with our readers, we’ve decided to publish a few more images from our photo shoots with them.

We’ve had a lot of feedback  regarding animal welfare (hardly unexpected). And I can only repeat what I said in yesterday’s post. I do have serious issues with the manipulated animal behaviour at the circus. I do not approve of tigers being kept as entertainment. And I did feel for those huge and lovely looking elephants that are leading a life completely out of touch with their inner beast.

But I also love the magic of the circus! What to do? I am contradicting myself loudly & clearly. So forgive me when I pass on these images of a tradition that I have a love-hate relationship with. They portray the things I love about the circus, and the people in them pretty much sum up my fascination.

When everybody's watching she's like a bird. Behind the scenes she's shy, always rushing around until she decides to stop and give us a smile.

She adored having her photo taken, both in and out of the spotlight.

Frank is clown, director, elephant trainer and the one who revealed to us that it's the circus, or nothing...

Esmeralda juggles her roles as a circus babe, a mother and a house(caravan)wife.


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