Featured image 7 – Vietnam

Fresh food on every street corner is one of the biggest bonuses when travelling through Vietnam. Each region has its own specialities, and our favorite is by far the fresher than freshest sea food on the island of Phu Quoc.

This photograph was shot in a back alley near Ninh Binh. And yes, you’re right, its dog. Freshly cooked, still hot and steaming. Our kids found it amazing, me not quite so. Too much teeth and Salome connotations for my liking!


5 comments on “Featured image 7 – Vietnam

  1. How horrible! I mean, I understand that we do the same with pigs and while that grosses me out to, seeing a cooked dog takes it to a whole new level for me… Different culture I guess. Thanks for sharing though!

      • Can dogs also be pets in Vietnam? Or are they treated more like pigs, cows, etc. in the Western cultures? So interesting! For me, a dog is very much a pet which is why I would find it very hard to eat one. But if I had grown up with everybody eating dog, I’m sure I would see things differently.

  2. hi Sabrina, we saw lots of pet dogs in Vietnam, but they were all little dogs. The big dogs seem to be heading for the cooker… very strange, I agree!

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