Paris Picnic

What could possibly be Frencher than a picnic in the park?

And where better to do this than in Paris, with the Eiffel tower as back drop? You don’t need to head far out of the city of lights to find a green spot. No need for metros or buses. The best parks are wonderfully accessible, and are a great place to mingle with the Parisians themselves.

"The Tuileries Gardens" on the right bank offer green grass, wide open spaces and a dose of art. The Louvre is only meters away. No wonder the Parisians love this place!

A picnic is a great way of discovering all the wonderful food on offer. Be it fresh oysters from La Rochelle or a rosé wine from Provence. Oh, and then there is the baguette… No picnic is complete without it! We have previously written about THE BEST BAGUETTE IN PARIS – check it out here

We have a special fondness for the food stalls in Le Marché aux Enfants Rouges in the Marais district. This is where you’ll find Alain and his bakery goods. They smell just as nice as they taste. Promise!

Marais character Alain gives you a solid dose of French charm as well as crispy baguettes

A BARGAIN! Another reason why a picnic is a good idea is that there are plenty of euros to be saved. Plenty of them. A meal out at a straight forward  restaurant will set you back roughly 25 euros, whereas a meal in the park can be a cheap affair if you shop around a bit. Even if you only take a fluid picnic along, there are euros to be saved. A small beer in a street café will cost you  roughly the same as a whole bottle of wine bought in one of the many specialist wine shops scattered around Paris.

And if  you want that ultimate picnic experience, nothing can beat a sunset picnic on the Pont des Arts where you’ll be surrounded by artists, joie de vivre and a truly Parisian ambiance. (PS: Don’t miss the padlocks covered in eternal love declarations!)

No better place for a fluid picnic than the Pont des Arts!


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