Blogsherpa Carnival # 5 – Kids around the world

Our travel philosophy…

From a personal point of view, I feel there’s nothing better than taking the children along on our journeys. It’s a privilege to introduce them to the ways of the world, to easygoingness when need be (like when the three hour train ride takes ten and there’s nothing else but hot, hot curry bought off a station stall to eat…)

And more than anything else – it touches a mother’s heart deeply to see her little ones communicate with children brought up under such different conditions to themselves, no language needed, and yet without even the slightest touch of prejudice or arrogance. I know, I can get quite annoyingly soppy when I start talking about this… but I happen to believe it’s the foundation of an essential tolerance which goes so much further than the nationalism my generation was brain washed with.

Being a parent is no easy task, but I can say one thing for sure – when I see my kids greeting a Moroccan with “salaam alaikum” or when they give out their last coloring pencils to their newfound Cuban friends, I feel we’re doing something right.

Top left: Small feet deserve a spontaneous siesta
Top right: The rental car in Cuba became our second home after one month on the road.
Bottom left: Two children + three coconuts = Backpacking bliss in Vietnam
Bottom right: Blond kids are a novelty in this mountain village south of Marrakech.

Photito is proud to participate in the Lonely Planet bloggers' BLOGSHERPA CARNIVAL which is published roughly every two weeks. This time the focus is on Kids around the World, and it is hosted by mommy traveler Glennia Campbell over at

Check it out here

Our contribution is about traveling around the hidden corners of the Algarve in Portugal with kids


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