A passion for Seville

Hot off the press – One of the Norwegian publications I write for wanted a city guide to Seville. So last week I packed my flamenco shoes, booked a hotel with air con and brazed myself for some serious summer heat. Seville is by far Spain’s hottest city, both when it comes to temperatures and night life.

It is also the cradle of flamenco, this eclectic mix of gipsy, arab and latin vibes and temper. One minute the moves are smooth and sensual, the next the dancers transform into a furious stampede of clacking heels and castanets.  In fact, the city is filled to the brim with flamenco. There are flamenco lessons, flamenco paraphernalia and of course a little bit of flamenco in the shape of polka dotted souvenirs for the tourists to take home.

But more than all this, Seville is home to around 700.000 people (Sevillanos and Sevillanas) who ADORE their city. It’s a pride which is difficult to ignore. To them, there is simply no other Spain than the one found within Seville. They sing to their city, they celebrate her in the annual Feria de Abril (April Fair), they dress up for her and they toast to her every time they are out for tapas and copas. And who can blame them? After a weekend in Seville I am convinced there is no other place where you can dive quite so deep into the soul of Andalusia.

Pick up some flamenco accessories in the very stylish SABINA shop on Calle Tetouan number 7.

There’s a relatively new hotel in Seville which I cannot recommend strongly enough. Located right opposite the cathedral, and with a roof terrace to die for, the modern HOTEL EME seems to have it all! http://www.emecatedralhotel.com/

The roof terrace on the Hotel Eme at sunset. I am not sure what was best, the wonderful view of the Sevilla skyline or the potent Mojito.


One comment on “A passion for Seville

  1. What a treat that must have been! Great connection with the publication, too. I’m sure Spain is in a state of celebration with the FIFA victory as well. Thanks for sharing!

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