Tarifa – that special sleep

Yesterday we revisited an old favourite of ours – The Posada Vagamundos in Tarifa.

It’s one of those places that is so much more than just  a hotel promising a bed for the night. First of all there is the building. Location is everything they say. Posada Vagamundos is housed in a building which formed part of the neighbouring San Fransico church two centuries ago. They’ve kept a lot of the original details and brought in a taste of Morocco in the shape of huge iron lamps and mosaic tiles.

Eleven rooms are dotted around the old staircase where natural light shines in through the skylight..

The Posada faces on to a street which forms part of the gorgeous white washed labyrinth of tiny alley ways and crooked architecture within the old town walls of Tarifa. This is where you’ll be served your breakfast, on street level with a gentle breeze making it comfortably airy rather than indoors and stuffy. Best breakfast ever!

Then there is Teresa, the owner, and her staff. All so genuinely friendly and happy to be able to direct you to their favourite Tarifa haunts. Be it the best spot on the beach, the best place to rent a horse, the most romantic restaurant for supper. Their advice is always sound and based on their local knowledge.

A room with a view - me admiring the straits of Gibraltar up close

Ok. So this sounds more like an advert than an independent blog spot… Well, I suppose that’s what happens when a travel journalist stumbles upon something she really really likes. I’ve already planned my return to Posada Vagamundos in September, and cannot wait!

Find out what it’s all about here:



2 comments on “Tarifa – that special sleep

  1. WINDY! Funny a hair stylist likes our corner of the world where a hair do never lasts for more than a few seconds… I was actually just saying the other day that I wonder how the women of Tarifa manage to keep their hair presentable! You should definitely give it a try one day. And give us a shout if you do, so we can let you know all our secret places;-)

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