Featured image 6 – Cuban curves

There are lots of colorful Cuba moments. The cars, the houses, the people. The cars are a fascinating feature, perhaps the single most recognizable item associated with Cuba. The cars and Fidel Castro’s signature uniform…

I am normally not a car enthusiast. I don’t know my Honda from a Ford. To me cars are color coded vehicles that take you from A to B. But one would have to be blind not to allow the charm of the old, American cars that dot the streets of Cuba have an effect. These old machines, from an era long gone, still tell stories of a different Cuba. They are rooted in a non-communist time when Cuba was all glitz and all that jazz… Today, most of the old cars are far from their mint condition. Their original engines are bust and consequently replaced by smaller, Soviet style engines. Gone are the smooth spins. Bring on smoky, bumpy rides along roads that have also seen better days…

The car in our pictures was not abandoned, as it may look. It was parked like this, simply waiting for its family to return from the shores near Havana called Playa del Este. We gave it a good pat on the back, stroke its curvy backside and felt privileged to make its acquaintance.


One comment on “Featured image 6 – Cuban curves

  1. Ah, Cuba. I have always wanted to travel to Cuba and experience the culture. I love these old cars, they seem very photogenic!

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