Mama says smile

I am a mummy and a photographer, and therefore, it seems – other moms want my input when it comes to photographing their kids. I have been asked to run a workshop, and I’ve done quite a few photo shoots on the beach near our house.

Today I came across a great place on the internet for mums who are eager to improve their photography skills, and I shall pass it on to all my aspiring photographer mums!

The site is called The Photographic Life – – and members get tutorials and input on everything from choosing a location to how to work magic with the lighting conditions. Ambient light can be wonderful when used correctly. GREAT STUFF! The beauty of the site is that it’s user friendly, plus users have the added bonus of being able to access the tutorials when they have the time to sit down, not when some teacher has decided it’s time for a lesson.

Below, for those of you interested, are some examples of my previous photo shoots on the beach which to me is the perfect location for a kiddies photo shoot.

Some very cute kids that made the job easy!


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