Featured image 3 – Venice, eternally beautiful

This shot was taken thirteen years ago, when I was still a photography student in Cornwall. I had my tripod strapped to the railings, and waited patiently for the perfect composition to reveal itself within my set frame. One hour, two hours… I have no idea how long I waited, and I have lost track of how many shots it took to get this one in particular.

It was in the days of analog photography, so I couldn’t be sure of the result until I returned to the darkrooms and the chemicals. But when I did, I immediately fell in love with this image. And since then I have been back to Venice several times to hunt for more images that I feel capture the fragile beauty of the absolute Queen of romantic places.

I have just been asked to go back to Venice by one of the magazines I write for, so when I go in September I shall try to track down this particular bridge to see if I can recapture the scene.


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