Featured image 2 – Cuba libre

Following in the footsteps from last weekend, here’s the second image out in our carefully selected series of featured images. Long live travel photography!

These two guys were initially following us around in Trinidad in the south of Cuba. So called “jinetes” – touts – they were offering us everything from a place to enjoy lobster for lunch to a box of Romeo & Juliet cigars. We weren’t in the mood for either, but immediately saw the potential for a powerful Cuban portrait. This image captures three of Cuba’s many faces – the young jinetero in the foreground longing for a prosperous future, the icon on his arm still so present in the Cuban soul, and finally the little boy in the background still innocent and untroubled by the country’s regime.

Cuba is one of those places that touches you deeply. It’s people are the kind that lets you in, and allows you to share their perspective. “Jineterismo” is a way of life, and although it can get tiring at times to decline their approach, it is also very understandable that they are trying to squeeze a living out of our tourist budgets.  Our eyes are fixed on Cuba’s future. A CUBA LIBRE is lingering on the horizon… and we are curious to see if it will be as tasty as the original.


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