Pose like an Egyptian

Sometimes you just have to take a good look at other tourists and have a really good laugh. After all we’re a funny lot in our desire to experience the world and ability to travel the globe to take in new and exotic places.

Last month when we traveled to Egypt, we were hoping for a magical experience at the Giza plateau. The sphinx and the world’s most famous pyramid were waiting for us. We were all set for a meeting with the ancient world that would change our perspective in that mind blowing way we’ve become addicted to. What could possibly prevent us from falling head over heals in love with this ancient burial site where history lingers just as heavily in the air as the thick Cairo smog?

The pyramid pose

Giza photo session

The Sphinx and the babe

To cut a long story short we were disillusioned upon arrival in Giza. Did we expect to have the magic to ourselves? No, not really. But we didn’t expect to share it with thousands of others either. The constant clicking of cameras, the sharp voices in a myriad of languages, the queues, the crowds – well, they scaled down our impression of the Great Khufu pyramid and the elegant Shinx.  However, we did get some shots of tourists behaving touristy, and that’s an aspect of travel photography we can’t ignore. After all, we seem to have become a phenomenon in our own right judging from the photos above. I can only imagine how the locals perceive us in all our touristic glory!


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