Featured image 1 – A man and his cup of coffee

Today I am proudly presenting a brand new tradition here at photito’s blog. We are first and foremost travel photographers, and it’s time we shared more of our images with the world. Every week we will be posting one of our favourite images here, and sharing the story behind the image. Because there’s always a story.

We find that very often, in our published work, editors tend to choose our most commercial photographs, i.e the groups of tourists smiling in to the camera with the pyramids in the background. This is not where our heart lies. Our hearts belong to the world of great travel photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson and Steve McCurry. We’re reaching for the sky making reference to these top notch photographers – but hey, why not!

First photograph out is of a very old man in a very small village in the west of Norway in a very quaint coffee shop. He was having a cup of coffee and a slice of marzipan cake, and was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to enter into conversation with us. However, he was one of those people that stay with you long after you’ve said good bye.


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