Parisian Island Paradise

One word – Île Saint-Louis… It’s possibly Paris at its most picturesque.

I stayed in a wonderful apartment rented from, and a better base for living like a Parisian is hard to come by. They’ve got lots of great offers going which always makes me want to return immediately. Check it out at!

Should you need more convincing regarding island life in Paris, Île Saint-Louis boasts traditional cafes, candle lit restaurants, stinky cheese shops, tempting bakeries, a cozy tea room with space for only a handful of guests at a time, and best of all – it’s all surrounded by the Seine and connected to the mainland by some of Paris’ most romantic bridges.

It took me two minutes to walk to the Gregorian chants in the the Notre Dame, a brisk fifteen minute morning stroll to the Musée D’Orsay and only five minutes to Pont Neuf. The funky Marais district is literally one bridge crossing away.

Here’s my apartment in all its Parisian glory:

view from my bedroom the Notre Dame tower!

on my way down from the penthouse bedroom in need of a cafe créme and a pain au chocolat

The Seine is never far away when you're on the Ile St. Louis. This is the view from my rental apartment.

it's all original Paris glam

Bonjour! It's always a good day when you wake up on holiday in Paris...

A bottle of Bordeaux and this arm chair were waiting for me in my apartment for the weekend


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