Pariih, je t’aime

Off to Paris tomorrow… and here are a few of my favourite things to do. One rule – when in Paris, you do as the Parisians!

In other words, avoid this:

Sightseeing overdose is best avoided!

But I get it. If you haven’t already been to Paris you need to tick off your list. Eiffel Tower – check, Notre Dame – check, Pont Neuf – check, Napoleon’s grave – check, The Louvre – check, etc, etc. Once you’re done sightseeing, the rest of Paris is waiting.

Renting a bike makes me feel as if Paris belongs to me!

Cafés are an intellectual affair. Peep in or partake in the action.

The weather forecast says it’s going to be sunny, but in case of a chill, there’s nothing quite like a vin chaud by the Seine in the 4ieme district.

Un vin chaud s'il vous plaît

And finally, dozing off to the sound of the city….

This is where I'll be


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