Cairo rocks!

Strike a pose! It's hard not to get tourists in your pyramid picture...

On a recent trip to Cairo the photito team was slightly disappointed to see the Giza plateau. I’m not sure what we had expected, but I do know it didn’t include a high tech fence, surveillance cameras, metal detectors, a PIZZA HUT and hordes of tourists…

In 2008 the Egyptian government placed a high tech fence around the World Heritage site.

However, we did manage to get a taste of the magic we came to experience. It’s all about timing and getting off the beaten path ever so slightly. Once you’ve paid the compulsory entrance fee of 60 Egyptian pounds to enter the grounds, we decided to take a sharp left. Funnily enough the path that goes from the entrance to the actual pyramids seems to have an almost magnetic effect on people. Few, if any, placed their feet outside the paved road.

This is our reward:

We were lucky enough to be there at sunset, at the exact time of prayer.

Furthermore we were really lucky to hook up with camel man Samir Manaa. He’s Number One! Someone you can really trust to make your Giza experience special, simply because he doesn’t believe in hassling the tourists. He accompanies you, shares a story or two and is pleased to be your companion as you discover the true magic of the Giza plateau. You can read more about Samir and how to get in touch with him in this previous post

We couldn’t have wished for better company than Samir and his utterly charming and very guttural camel Mr. Brown as the sun was setting upon the Khufu Pyramid – the last intact remaining wonder of the Ancient World. Together we watched the smoggy, Cairo sky turn indigo whilst keeping warm by the camp fire. Oh, and we really felt it!

A cup of mint tea is always a welcome treat

For a less touristy Cairo experience, we can recommend the Birqash Camel Market which you can read more about in this post:


2 comments on “Cairo rocks!

  1. Certainly amazing!
    No matter how much we build in this world, the Pyramids remain to be the most fascinating site humanity ever built, with all due respect to the Great Wall of China.
    But how come you didn’t even post a picture of the Sphinx?
    Hope to see more of your posts in the future!


    • Hi Adam, thanks for your comment! We couldn’t agree with you more, the pyramids are truly fascinating constructions. We’ll post more on Cairo and Ancient Egypt in the future and will also be including the Sphinx. For sure!

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