Barbie’s due for a hair cut – what to do?

There’s this REALLY cool hair dressers down in Chueca – the Madrid gay neighbourhood. I walked in, initially attracted by the mad looking mannequin in the window covered in a mass of neon pink ‘hair’ (which I later found out was made with a yak’s tail imported from Nepal – covered in lice and all!).

“LA BARAQUE” is no ordinary hair dresser. Letizia is a creative goddess handling any hair challenge thrown at her with total calm and profound professionalism. You name the style you want – she makes it happen! But the fact that a hair dresser performs hair miracles doesn’t really merit a special mention, it’s sort of expected. However, being able to have a beer or a bottle of wine as you’re getting your new look is out of the ordinary. And as Letizia (or Leti as she prefers to be called), says: “If our regulars want to light a joint, I won’t stop them”. This is Chueca. In all its colorful glory!

Ramon is getting his hair sorted for a night out, whilst having a beer and a laugh with hair goddess Leti

I almost forgot about Barbie. Probably because I used to do all the chopping and styling myself on my own Barbies. Chueca’s Barbies can be handed over to Letizia for a make over. She has a display of dolled up Barbies with extensions, colored plats, beaded braids, etc, – all ready for collection by their slightly eccentric owners.



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