5 things to do in the moonlight

It’s not often one gets to appreciate a ‘moonlight shadow’, but when you do – it’s the very best setting for just about anything. Romantics will gasp at the opportunities offered when the full moon sheds its most flattering light on us mere mortals down below. How someone managed to unromantically compare Miss Luna to a cheese, I really don’t know. Could it be because moonlight is considered to be cheesy romantic?

Well, whoever reckons the moon is a cliché ought to venture out into the moonlit world and think again.

Here’s a pick at what the photito team has been up to during the previous full moons. (No worries, we’ve stayed well clear of all sorts of tacky full moon parties).

1. Go skinny dipping! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can beat the feeling of submerging yourself in the sea on a secluded beach in the moonlight. Of course you will have spent the day making sure the bottom is all soft, safe and sandy. My number one place for this kind of activity is the aptly named Playa Media Luna (the Half Moon Beach) located in the nature reserve Cabo de Gata at the south-eastern tip of mainland Spain.

This experience should be on your to-do list

2. Sleep outdoors under the moonlit sky. Anywhere you like, even a camp site will do.

Everything looks different and slightly eerie in the moonlight

3. Gaze up at the stars, the moon and even other galaxies in the Sahara. Enjoy your front row seat to celestial activity!

4. A smooooth gondola ride on narrow canals is maybe not as exotic as the above mentioned three, and you may even think it’s borderline cliché which I initially assured moonlight is not. Forget pre-conceptions of being O’Sole Mio-serenaded. Forget Japanese tourists clicking their compacts as you go by. The beauty of doing this the moonlit way is that everything is calm and dark. Other tourists won’t even see you, because all the good gondoliers know exactly what lovers want. Our number one GONDOLIERA Alexandra Hai offers moonlit rides through the narrowest and remotest canals, in some places the lantern on her gondola Pegasus is the only light source available. And the moon of course. Get in touch with Alexandra on: http://www.incantesimoveneziano.com/

Venice doesn't get much more romantic than this!

5. Semana Santa processions are not your average run of the mill Spanish fiesta. Easter is the holiest event in the Catholic calendar, and the Spanish take to the streets with their Virgins on great big fleets ornate with flowers and candles. The participants in the processions are covered in pointy hoods and long robes – the resemblance to the Ku Klux Klan is striking at first. However, this is all about melancholy, penance and a solemn state of mind. This year the processions coincided with the full moon for a truly theatrical display of emotion.

The full moon can be a real atmosphere booster

Here’s the Full Moon Calendar for 2010, so you can start planning your next moonlit trip. I’m off to Paris at the end of the month, and if I get to take the picture I want of the Seine, the moon and the lovers on Pont Neuf, I’ll be sure to post it here!


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