I want more!

THE most beautiful thing about spring must be the promise of more sunshine, lazier evenings, tastier bbq’s and deeper suntans to come, the key words being more – lazier – tastier – deeper!

Spring is finally upon us, at least here in Spain. It’s all short dresses and sandals from now on. And with this first taste of the loveliest season of them all, I am longing for the signs of solid summer. Like when you catch a whiff of a blossoming lavender field in Provence. Or hear the buzz of busy bees making liquid gold. The farmer in this mind game will be mumbling something in his deep provençal dialect as he staggers his way back to the rows of lavender after a wine induced déjeuner in the shade of a walnut tree. Oh la la, I think I just described the quintessential French ‘joie de vivre’… that’s what can be brought on by birdsong and April sunshine.

who said handbags aren't like candy?

This is why we’ve just launched our “France” section at http://www.photito.com where we hope you’ll be able to connect with our desire for MORE! Let us take you to Provence, and because an image says more than a thousand words, it’s time I stopped blabbing and re-direct you instead:


Grapevines provide three summer time essentials: wine AND shade, plus you can even nibble them if you get hungry!


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