P-p-p-pick up a POLKA DOT DRESS!

There’s no escaping the desire to shop, or at least window shop, when in Madrid.

Madrid is quite a shopper’s paradise once you break away from the Gran Via where all the chain stores are located. Even the souvenir stalls off the Plaza Mayor are far more interesting than another Zara or H&M…  Here are some of my favourite bits and bobs on offer:

They're kitsch and will look out of place once you bring them home. Yet, they're glam and gorgeous and I had to buy one!

Plaza Dos de Mayo is full of life and market stalls on a Saturday morning. Few tourists, great people behind the stalls and lots of charming watering holes within two steps.

The POLKA DOT DRESS is too tempting for these grand parents shopping for a Spanish souvenir for their grand daughter.

Even the Chinese corner shops are potential treasure groves. A feather boa for 2 euros!

Have a look at the "anticrisis" offer on the bottom left. "El Rastro" - the Sunday market is full of humor and true bargains.


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