No eye junk

It's still very much Castro's Cuba

Cuba is full of these giant billboards. They’re imposing and pre-historic and grabbed hold of my attention in the same way as a Tyrannosaurus Rex would’ve done. They tell powerful stories about a political philosophy which is as beautiful as it is dying.

There's no doubt about it. El Ché still lives on in the Cubans' heart.

Ché Guevara signed his last letter to Fidel Castro with the words on this mural, and they have ever since been related to Cuba's struggle to pursue its communist regime

These billboards remind me of Stalin and the Soviet Union, of food coupons and the early days feminist propaganda. My thoughts wander to ‘the good old days’ when advertising was supposed to hold a message beyond boosting sales numbers.

You've gotta love it!

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2 comments on “No eye junk

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  2. Thank you for the great photos! We were in Veradero and Habana for one week in November. We will be going back. It is a beautiful country full of beautiful people! If you search back in my Blog, you will find the Cuba part.

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