I say cheeeese, you say tagiiiiine


In Morocco they say "tagine" as they strike a pose

As a travel photographer it always makes me giggle every time I come across a new version of the old “say cheese!”

In Thailand they swear by the word ‘PEPSI’, in Puerto Rico they go for ‘WHISKEY’ and in Denmark they reckon the word ‘APPELSIN’ (=orange) will ensure the perfect smile.


The Spanish however, must have a weird conception of their desired look in photographs. The chosen word is ‘patata’. I reckon they got it wrong somewhere. Maybe they started out with the more logical ‘tortilla’, the national omelette with potatoes, but forgot and ended up with just the patatas… who knows? So here’s a challenge to all you travel photographers out there – show me a flattering photo of a bunch of Spaniards shouting PATATA!


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