The Spanish claim their bullfights are cultural, artistic, heritage worthy and not to be messed with. I say BULLSHIT!

My theory is that it’s a pathetic notion from the cave men era when men earned their status by fighting big animals. The bigger, the better, right?

I’ve been to a bullfight – once – in order to write an article about the bullfighter’s preparations before he enters the ring. It’s a candle lit, superstitious affair between the matador and a shrine full of madonna icons. He even left the tap open and the lights on in his hotel room so that it is ready for him upon his return from the ring. I accompanied him to the ring in the car, and I tell you, the tension resembled that of an open heart surgery theater.

The verbal elite may maintain their stance that bullfighting is a cultural and traditional event because man has fought bulls since time immemorial. It’s true – cave paintings show men on horses slaying bulls from pre-historic times. But does that justify the continuation of it? We might as well start burning independent women at the stakes as well.

That day, when I documented Conrado Gil Belmonte’s fight in Algeciras, the masses couldn’t have cared less about old cave paintings. They wanted the spectacle, the drama, the so called bravery and the glory. I felt truly ashamed at the blood hunger. On behalf of the human race, the Spanish ignorance and the sister, yes, the catholic NUN, who sat next to me and clapped every time Gil’s cape came close to the frantic bull. She automatically assumed I was crying because I was worried about the bullfighter.

The worst thing about it all is that it seems that no amount of common sense or signature campaigns can bring the cruelty to a speedy end. The Spanish king Juan Carlos I often attends bullfights at weekends. Characters like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso have celebrated the sport as highly artistic.

Ernest Hemingway was passionate about bullfighting

King Juan Carlos I is passionate about bullfighting

Pablo Picasso was passionate about bullfighting

The appeal of bullfighting is no doubt connected to the passion and pride nurtured by the Spanish macho culture. Who can uproot it? I’ve only got one thing to say – LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

An intelligent queen indeed

Queen Sofia is against bullfighting. She says she finds it disgusting. May she find a way to make use of her female influence as a capote (the cape used in bullfighting) to manipulate her husband in the right direction. Or as they say in Spain: “Dos tetas tiran mas que dos carretas”. It translates to something along the lines of: “Two breasts pull more than two wagons”. In other words – the ability of women to get things in their favor due to their beauty and sexuality.


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