Map, map on the wall

I am wondering if there’s a name to my addiction? The Lonely Planet-syndrome maybe. Or skyscanneritis?

Truth is these two websites have made me loose sleep. Honestly, if you’re equipped with itchy feet then consider yourself warned. You may wake up at four o’clock in the morning and find yourself wondering if there are any direct flights from Marseille to Bristol… A quick click into will give you the answer. It is by far my favourite travel site this week.

Once that thought has grabbed hold and totally disrupted your sleep, you may start wondering what the nightlife in Bristol is like.  Tune into and a few minutes later you’re completely informed.

To cut a long story short, the world wide web has brought the world so much closer to home. We do no longer have to settle for dreaming in front of the map. These days you close your eyes, point at the globe, then find a cheap flight to wherever destiny wants to take you. But hey, let’s not forget those maps! No computer screen in the world can replace the feeling of spinning a globe or admiring a large scale map up close.

My Map - a source of constant inspiration


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