Magic in Morocco

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again. Travelling with kids is a joyful way to show them that there exists a huge and wonderful world away from home. And believe me, little vagabonds don’t require half the amount of stimuli we grown ups tend to believe. There is no NEED for waterparks or theme parks or zoos or Disney characters. At least not in our lives for a very long time to come.

Aladdin, eat your heart out!

Me and mine are in a happy state of mind as long as there are hidden beaches, other cultures, their wildlife and all their very real and amazing people to meet and discover. As for the kids, well, give them free reins in a carpet shop in Marrakesh and they will entertain themselves looking for that magic carpet. Aladdin may be stuck in Disney, but my kids certainly aren’t!

Bargaining hard for the real deal

Why not check out the Van den Boomen family’s adventures in Morocco – they enjoyed an action packed holiday with their little ones in tow.


7 comments on “Magic in Morocco

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  2. I am going to Marrakech with my two sons in Easter. Do you think it will be too hot to spend one week in the city for the kids?

    • Marrakech is wonderful at Easter! The climate is still not too hot, and you may even attempt a swim at the lush Cascades d’Ouzoude 2,5 hours outside Marrakech.

      When travelling with kids to a big city I always try to stay in places where they can chill out if the buzz gets a bit too busy for them. In Marrakech one such place is Dar Elma. It’s smack in the middle of the medina and has the cutest little plunge pool for those warm, sunny days. Check out:

  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your link to my Morocco post. I have to tell you that your photography blog is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen! Wow, what an amazing pictures.
    Funny that we are looking into a new travel adventure to Egypt early next year. Again with our kids of course. Did you travel to Egypt with your children? Any tips for Cairo? Thanks, glad we are stepping in each other’s footsteps 🙂

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