Up up and away!

Ok, I know. We are THE most unwanted passengers you want in the seat next to you. We are at the bottom of the wish list, behind sweaty Betty’s, shivering chihuahuas, even less desirable than the drunk know-it-all who stops respecting your personal space half way between Europe and the next continent.

Flying with kids is no joke. Apparantly a recent survey by TripAdvisor, the consumer-generated travel website, has found that 79 percent of people in the U.K. reckon there should be a section on planes that is designated off limits to children.

Wanna sit next to these?

Now you may think that a child free zone sounds like a Utopian way to fly. But truth is that Scandinavian travel agency Star Tour is already offering their charter tourists child-free sections on their flights to and from Thailand and Malaysia.

Needless to say there are websites out there dedicated to implementing kid-free zones on aircrafts. Other websites offer valuable tips on how to cope (www.flyingwithkids.com). Because believe me, no one suffers more than parents when their toddlers are causing a ‘hell of a ride’ for everyone on board…

I have heard a mother disown her own child (whom at this point was running naked down the aisle in total refusal mode because she did not warm to the idea of strapping herself in on top of her mum’s lap). I know of parents who pop their little one a travel sickness pill prior to take off because of its much desired side effect; drowsiness. I have witnessed a lady asking out loud if any other passengers could please spare some candy to the screaming child (mine!) behind her. I have been given the evil eye by many air stewardesses, and stumbled upon some angels in the same outfit who’ve literally saved me from breaking out in tears. I’ve travelled a lot on my own with my two kids, and something as simple as going to the toilet to change baby number one’s nappy can be a challenge when child number two has to wait outside. Fancy a pee yourself? Just forget it!

Did I mention that flying with kids is no joke?

One man has found the best solution to most of the above issues. He’s my hero! And quite possibly the one I want to be sat next to next time I take my little ones flying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkPV5En_jI8&feature=related


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