Happy to be hippy

Where do you want to be right now?


I am guessing somewhere hot and sunny. On a beach perhaps. Flip flops & listening to the sound of the sea and a handful of ice cubes stirring in a glass of freshly made sangria, soaking up those rays. I know exactly where I’d love to be. It involves normal travel and time travel, as my favorite beach in the world  is still a few months away from being at its most desirable.

TARIFA BABY! Where the Atlantic melts into the Mediterranean. Where the night is always young, the sand white and the sea transparent and smoooooth. On clear days you can see the cars moving in Northern Africa. It actually seems achievable to swim across the 14 km across the Straits of Gibraltar.

Africa is yours in 35 mins

But be aware – the winds in the area attract kite surfers from all over Europe. They’re severe. Which explains the wind mills on the hills overlooking the beach. On bad days you can’t even get out of your car, cause the sand will literally exfoliate to the point where it hurts. But every cloud has a silver lining.

Those winds  keep mass tourism at an armlengths distance, so you gotta love’em. Let the hordes have the calmer and much more predictable Costa del Sol to themselves.  Tarifa is quite happy to be hippy. It caters for the independent traveller. You simply won’t find Mc D or Irish Pubs. It’s as pure and irresistible as it gets. Come on, please, please, please – beam me up Scotty!

"Los Mellis" is our favourite place to eat. Always fresh, always with a smile!

Surf or Die

PS: In this article from Tarifa http://www.vg.no/reise/artikkel.php?artid=556512 we have gathered great places to eat and sleep, plus some more images from Heaven on Earth.

mini octopus or sea urchins? The menu is straight from the sea


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