8th March blues

Sometimes a story needs to be told. This story is about one woman who just wants to row. Much to the despair of the 425 male gondoliers who are not at all convinced that equality on the canals is the way to go.

Canal Grande wouldn't be the same without her

Alexandra Hai is a German lady. Very beautiful, very smart, very dedicated. She arrived in Venice some years ago, and soon got sick and tired of walking on old cobbled streets. So she borrowed a boat, and a passion was lit.

Ever since she has spent her days rowing the canals come rain or shine, high tide or gender racism. (And believe me, there has been chauvinism on a primitive level). Seeing that there are still a few moments left of Woman’s Day, we are shining some light on a stale, patriarchal system which could do with a severe Berlusconi style face lift.

We’re talking about the bourgeois, small town mentality of the Venetian people. They don’t want a GONDOLIERA amongst their gondolieri. One can almost feel Mussolini’s ghost as Alexandra talks about Venetian women whom have shouted to her to “get back in the kitchen!”.

May the force be with you Alexandra. I loved meeting you.

You can get in touch with Alexandra on this site http://www.incantesimoveneziano.com/. She knows Venice’s every nook and cranny, the most romantic waterways, and all the history which makes the place come alive.

La Donna is rocking the boat


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