There’s always lobster!

Kids love feeling treated like they’re included in the action. This is inevitably the case when we go travelling with the little ones. They go wherever we go, regardless of time of day. Exploring high and low, and discussing our discoveries. There’s no “safe filter”. They’re part of it all, and it’s a good feeling!

Having said that, it is not fun that when we get food poisoning, they get food poisoning… Stomach bugs are never a good thing – but add 40 degrees C and a one year old still in nappies, and you have an image of the not so glorious side of family travels. Our trip to Cuba was exactly that. A trip to Cuba – where the food supply is scarce to the point where old food is also considered food. It took us one week to discover the fresh supply of lobsters. But ssshhh, it’s a secret… Ordering lobster must always be whispered. They are intended for export only.

Here’s a link to an article about travelling with children in Cuba It was published in Vagabond, Norway’s numero uno travelling magazine in 2008.

Hemingway drank here, so do we

Roof top Lobster


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