R* E* S* P* E* C* T

No one says it better than Aretha Franklin.

It’s International Woman’s Day, and we join in to share our respect for the women of the world. The women who queue up for food coupons in down town Havana. The women who search for fire wood high up in the Himalayas and carry their sticks home on their shoulders. The women of Morocco whom ALL seem to be working bloody hard whilst the men are sipping mint tea in a nearby café…

Then there are the old women of Vietnam whom have seen enough war and suffering to last a lifetime. We saw it in their eyes. The gypsy women in Spain whom are still living in large families ruled by the man of the house. A few years back we were lucky enough to be invited to celebrate Christmas Eve with a gypsy family high in the Andalucian mountains, and wow – we were amazed at the women’s ability to handle a handful of kids, cook, light the fireplace, sweep the floor and sing flamenco. All at the same time! And a special thought to the Chinese women who don’t want to give birth to another generation of women.

Here’s to equality. Once and for all.

Make love, not war

Grrrl power! No Spicy, Sporty, Scary shit

Riots not diets

I'll Be A Post-Feminist In The Post-Patriarchy

You can read more about our gypsy Christmas here http://www.norskemagasinet.com/component/content/article/58-archivo/1203


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