Mr Charlie Brown

Any new blog is crying out for some character. Something to make it stand out from the rest. Well, we’d like to  introduce you to our friend Charlie Brown. He makes a living as a loud and reliable means of transport for the thousands of tourists who descend on the pyramids in Giza every week. A camel, but still a true companion to his owner Samir Manaa. They added magic to our sunset experience, and voila, here’s Samir’s e-mail:

Get in touch with him for a guaranteed hassle free and real pyramid experience. He’s happy to arrange to meet away from the crowds which will save you feeling like a tiny piece of meat amongst starving vultures. PS: Give Charlie Brown a big hug from us!

Charlie Brown is our Egyptian hero


2 comments on “Mr Charlie Brown

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  2. Hey there!

    This sounds like an interesting option! What was the experience with this man like? By that I mean what did you guys do?

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